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“I love teaching students of all ages and ability levels.  I like the challenge of making sure that each beginner gets a proper start and I  use different method books based on the student's age, personality and learning style.

  Strategies for more advanced students are based on my own training for competitions and the concepts I have learned from the many outstanding teachers I've been fortunate to study with."


Besides having serious chops as a jazz vocalist and keyboardist (not to mention classical, sacred, etc.), Christine is an inspiring educator who has grown wonderful relationships with her students and their families. She taught with us, at UW-EC and you could find her regularly performing all over the area. Christine and her family are moving to Colorado and while we are happy for the new opportunities it will bring them, it is a BIG loss for our community.  

We wish Christine the best on her new adventures in Colorado!

Dr. Nick Poss- Owner/Director of the Eau Claire School of Music


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